The Good News

I’m Empowered, Positioned & Equipped to do Good/Galatians 6:10/Link
Don’t Ditch Your Desire/Link
The Gift of Opportunity/I Kings 19:19-21/Link
Peter & Me – Acts 4:13/Philippians 1:6/Matthew 17/Link
Now Matters Later/James 4:14/Link
Lord, Help Me Deal with My Distractions/Link
I’m Here for a Reason/Genesis 26:22/Link
He is my Champion!/I Samuel 8:5-7/Link
God Sent the Lion/I Samuel 17:32-36/Link
What is my Heart’s Condition/Mark 6:52/Link
Jezebel is a Prop/Link
Be Fearless/Link
Lord, This is your Letter!/2 Kings 19:14/Link

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