New Episode: Black Fatherhood Matters w/Demetrius Beaumonte

I sit to discuss Black Fatherhood with my little brother, Demetrius Beaumonte. Demetrius is an acclaimed lyricist and THE best barber in the State of Washington! You can follow him on Instagram (@Spac3cuts or @Spac3tagram) Listen on Apple Podcast – Click Here! Listen on Spotify! – Click Here!

Starbucks Tells Employees they Can’t Wear #BlackLivesMatter

Did I have my last cup of Starbucks today? Last week, Starbucks hosted a “Weekly Workplace Live Event” where they entertained questions from store managers about whether partners (employees) could wear Black Lives Matter paraphernalia. Apparently, Starbucks told the managers they would get back to them. That, they did in a weekly update reminding their…