Places: The Citizen Hotel – Sacramento, CA

It wasn’t on purpose. I got in a car accident and totaled my car. After being released from the hospital, I realized that the keys for my home were locked in the totaled car, which was locked in a tow truck place that didn’t open until the following Monday. So, I stayed at the Citizen Hotel for 2 nights. While it was an unfortunate circumstance, it proved to be one of the best hotel stays of my life. It was also my introduction to Marriot’s “Autograph Hotels.” The service was awesome!

I’m a big fan of intentional decor so I appreciated the attention to detail. The hotel features quotes from US presidents and politicians. The Citizen also offers great views of Downtown Sacramento that you can find in few other places!

I’ve had a number of high-profile guests visit the Sacramento area and I’ve booked stays with them at the Citizen and never had any complaints. The Citizen is an experience. It’s encircled by a great park, local restaurants, and Sacramento nightlife.

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