Places: Bawk Chicken Sacramento

I went to Bawk… but I need to be very clear. I did not go there for the chicken. I am a part-time pescatarian. I went there for the experience and the macaroni and cheese.

Unsure of what to expect, I asked the cashier what he would recommend that I order. He recommended the macaroni and cheese in the way I expected him to. He said “It’s made with a sour cream base.” What does that mean to a Black man that has gone 30+ only eating Carrie kemp’s mac with confidence? NOT. A. THING. But I still ordered.

Here’s what I can say for sure:
– It was creamy.
– It was Sour creamy.

Some other elements that made a difference… the flavory, left-over fried chicken crisps!

Here’s the whole review:

Will Dominique go again: Yes!
Will he order the Mac and cheese: It was alright. But, maybe. Not a firm yes. Not a firm no.
Should YOU go? Yes!

Sacramento Bee


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