Dominique’s Quarantine Journal #7: A Season of Selflessness and Selfishness

It’s funny how this all has happened. Covid-19 has presented us with the opportunity to to be selfless and selfish. On one hand, caring for ourselves is absolutely essential and should be a priority. But, we also have a greater sense of selflessness because protecting ourselves IS protecting others. This season has also required us to find new ways to care for others. We can’t say “I’m praying for you” as casually as we used to. We have to mean. We’ve become more thoughtful of our seniors. Their survival has meant more to us. For me, I’ve a gained a renewed sense of concern for my parent figures. I’ve been thinking about them more.

COVID-19 is the reason my family gathers on a Zoom call to hear Grandma pray every Sunday morning. I’m not sure who benefits more. Us or her. Sometimes it’s just about hearing her voice. Sometimes it’s just knowing that it means a lot to her. Sometimes it’s like reading the family newspaper. Sometimes it’s like reading her diary. It’s the wildest thing. Anyway…

The question I’ve thought about a lot is…. what will never gonna back to being the same? I hope we don’t lose the urge to care for ourselves and to be present with our loved ones. I hope resuming life as we knew it doesn’t mean we don’t make time for each other. I hope we don’t go back to the wrong ways to be selfish and selfless. I hope we see that this time was meant to help us redefine the way we live and who we live with.

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