What’s Black Out Tuesday About?

I’m in favor of Blackout Tuesday. It’s a call from two record label executives, Jamila Thomas and Brianna Agyemany, to #Pausetheshow. It’s not a call to silence. It’s a call to action, self-care and reallocation of resources. Two Black women are using their influence to interrupt silence among one of the industries that benefits the most from Black consumerism, the entertainment industry.

Haven’t you noticed that many of the entertainers who benefit from Black culture have been silent or slow to speak?

The leaders have created social media platforms and a website to get the word out. The idea is to shift from posting and being a consumer of news, but taking action that may have a more direct impact on our communities and the families impacted by the loss of Black life. The website calls for people to take the following actions:

The coordinators penned a heartfelt letter with their ask:

To learn more, you can check out the Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages. You should do this to the extent that you feel comfortable. Perhaps, a hybrid or partial Blackout of you are concerned that this is a way to silence the movement.

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