The President is lying. He doesn’t have Coronavirus.

By now, you’ve heard the news that Donald and Melania Trump have allegedly tested positive for Coronavirus. The news came hours after it was reported that White House advisor, Hope Hicks tested positive. I think they are all lying. This is an effort to garner attention for new vaccines. These people have intentionally done all that they could to avoid wearing masks and presenting the virus as a serious threat to society.

This man posted “we can get through this together,” as though whatever he’s discussing just became a thing when he got it. Where was “together” when he was ignoring, downplaying and manipulating tax payers? Where was our effort to do this together when he posed a challenge for those with pre-existing health conditions receiving health care benefits.

This man lies about everything. He was unwilling to have a fact-checker for his debate. This is something the Republicans have cooked up for sympathy, attention and political reasons. Where was this response when his rally killed Herman Cain?

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  1. Can you explain further why you think it is a lie? I’m interested haha. I wrote an article on the more straightforward nature of the news but maybe that’s not what you’re into haha. Anyway, all the best 🙂


    1. I don’t know! I just think everything he says is a lie.

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