Business Notes – April 22, 2022

A few notes from the The Wall Street Journal for Friday, April 22, 2022! -> Seasoned with Salt The Podcast

  1. Elon Musk said “I got 46.5 billion of y’all are trying to sell Twitter?!” Twitter feeds will be appearing through the rear view mirror of every Tesla! I like this! Tesla meets Twitter!
  2. It hasn’t even been a month and already, CNN said “naw” on its CNN+ streaming app. New owners weren’t feeling it.
  3. American Airlines must be banking on the failures of other airlines. They said that their profits have been greater than their 2019, pre-pandemic numbers. I’ve never flown American before! What am I missing?
  4. Disney and the State of Florida are in a battle because the state said “we ain’t letting y’all get special tax treatment anymore!”
  5. The Supreme Court said “Naw” to folks who wanted to tell Congress they couldn’t deny federal benefits to residents of Puerto Rico.
  6. Netflix said they need to curb their spending. They have been too loose. They plan to cut down on shows.. last year, they produced 500 original shows. Please keep Inventing Anna on Netflix.
  7. Average mortgage rate in US -> 5.11% -> bye, Felicia.
  8. Gap “fired” the Old Navy CEO. Wants to increase promo.

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