Business Notes – May 2, 2022

Here are some business notes for the day, Monday, May 2, 2022

1. P.F. Chang’s has its first Black CEO! They hired Damola Adamolekun. I’m praying for his success. I may GOP eat there too!

2. Airlines customers seen up to a 12-hour hold time when calling customer service in the summer of 2021. Airlines are committed to cutting this in the upcoming travel season, encouraging travelers to use chat and social media messaging… areas they’ve invested resources in to cut down on the long waits. I’ve been up on Twitter! Folk looking for call center jobs where they can work remotely may want to hit up some of the companies that service the airlines.

3. COVID is spiking again. The US VP tested positive last week. However, the impacts are far less impactful… unless you live in places like China. They are having to reevaluate their “COVID IS KIMDA OVER” strategy. Places like Greece and Italy are deciding to be a little looser on their policies as things ease up.

4. Airbnb has a new remote work policy. They said you can work and live wherever you want… and unlike other companies, they aren’t messing with your salary based on where you live. This makes a lot of sense considering they make money off of people traveling and renting out their homes!

5. Tropicana wants you to consider cereal that you eat, using orange juice. They will release “Tropicana Crunch” this Wednesday. Are you into it? I’m not a cereal person. (ironically, Wednesday is National Orange Juice Day)

6. The MET Gala is tonight and the theme is “Gilded Glamour.” Should be interesting!

7. Still questioning whether buying property is the way to go? The NY Times said that US homeowners have made a total of 6 trillion in property wealth over the last two years.

8. The FBI read through 3.4 million electronic communications for a year without your permission, per the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

9. The Whitehouse is targeting a ban on menthol cigarettes beginning in 2024.

10. Moderna asked the FDA to authorize the first children’s COVID-19 vaccine for kids under 6.

I think that’s enough for today! I’d do this every day if I knew people cared or read! Let me know!

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