I’m Becoming a Minimalist.

I’ve gathered a lot of things over time. 10 days after my high school graduation, I got a greyhound bus with everything I owned and lived in my mom’s 500 square foot apartment for the summer. Well, kinda. She wasn’t allowed to have people stay with her so I lived their every other day. At the close of that summer, I enrolled at the University of Oregon and never looked back!

I’m embarrassed to say this, but… I still have everything that I owned that summer in 1999. I have struggled with the inability to throw things away. I’m in denial about what I’ll need later. I hate to see good things be wasted. I want every self-help book the Goodwill has. I collect Bibles, hot wheels, shoes… and shoe boxes. There have been times in my life when I realized that I literally had 4 of the same ties or designer socks.

Some seasons of my life have led me to believe that having more than you need is a blessing. The challenge is that you can only wear one pair at a time. Living is not as beautiful when it’s cluttered by things that don’t add value. Moving is hard. Leaving is hard. Staying is hard.

I’m fed up. The photo I posted above is the blessing I’ve recently acquired. The question I’ve asked myself is… aside from my humanity, what else deserves to be there. What will ensure it remains this beautiful?

So, I’m beginning this journey and sharing along the way. Pray for me. Let me know if you want some my stuff!

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