Yesterday, I had the misfortune of losing my keys at a local restaurant. After hours of searching, I conceded. Kind and friends from church made it possible for my car to be towed to my place. It takes about 24 hours to recover, get new keys, change locks, etc. The last 24 hour hours certainly slowed my life down by about 70%. But, I learned some wonderful lessons today as I spent several hours cleaning out my car, reflecting and talking to the Lord.

In my car I found:

1. Things I thought I lost forever.
2. Books I was excited to read but never got to.
3. Things I borrowed but never returned.
4. Things I forgot I had.
5. Things I thought I needed but didn’t.
6. Lots of duplicates.
7. Other folk’s stuff that they left.
8. Money I lost between the seats.
9. Gifts and cards I was too busy to open.
10. Trash that made it hard to find all the things above.

No, I didn’t recover my keys as of yet. But, the Lord answered my prayer. I asked him to use this misfortune to
bring revelation and clarity. The moral of the story?

1. He loves me.

2. Whether it’s the tow truck guy, friends from church or my messy car, there are opportunities and blessings all around.

3. Slowing down, decluttering and paying attention are a part of a healthy life.

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