The Change Challenge

I am not sure if Maya Angelou said it first but I’m sure she said it. She said, “when people show you who they are, believe them.” As simple of a concept as it seems, it’s the hardest truth to swallow. We tend to want to believe that people have temporary failures that don’t completely define them. We make excuses for people because we choose to isolate certain behaviors.

Ponder this question. What is my real potential for change? Am I fully capable of becoming the opposite of what I am for the sake of those who are dissatisfied with me? What will I do if I change but no one believes me?

So… The challenge? The first change is dealing with how we know we are ready for a change. Let’s commit to thinking through what prompts the urge to change. Is it frustration? Is it the fear of failure? Let’s challenge when we engage Change. Let’s entertain Change intentionally. Let’s schedule it.

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