The Wall Street Journal Notes for December 14, 2017

I try to read The Wall Street Journal daily! When time permits, I share highlights! Here’s happening today!

1. Target has decided to get in to the grocery delivery business! They’ve acquire a start up called “Shipt.” I ain’t having groceries delivered but anything Target does excites me!

2. T-Mobile is buying a start up company as well! They plan to use it to launch their own paid-tv service!

3. 4.6 million people are behind when it comes to paying student loans back. That list is getting ready to grow by at least 1. My thing is… I need the feds to know I would pay if someone paid me!

4. We should all be celebrating Nina Simone’s induction to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I am.

5. Toyota has declared that by 2030, the majority of their sales will be hybrid and electric vehicles. I’m not sure what that means for consumers. May mean that if your purchasing a Home, you need to make sure you can plug a car that you haven’t bought yet!

6. Apple is paying a Northern California company 390 million to produce the stuff that makes it possible to for the iPhone X to recognize your face. Look up Finisar! They are likely hiring!

7. The journal recommends Chromebooks: Acer Chromebook 15 and Samsung Chromebook Pro.

8. Google is attracting talent from China! Apparently, China does artificial intelligence well!

9. Want an executive career? A research done said that company loathe talkative candidates. Don’t over do it, ma’am and sir!

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