3 Little Lessons

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In this season of my life, God has demonstrated to me that I can be comfortable being uncomfortable. One of the things that stands in the way of our dreams is a fear of failure. I was so afraid of the unknown that I was willing to subject myself to treatment I didn’t deserve. When I gained the courage to trust God, it had nothing to do with a back-up plan but everything to do with God’s plan. I wish I could say that after I took that leap of faith, God rilled put a 10 year plan. He didn’t. There were days when I was fully motivated and other days when I worked to keep busy so I wouldn’t think about the inevitable. Or, what I thought was the inevitable.

The turning point for me was reminding myself of the lessons God had already taught me through experience.

1. God is in control. Period.

2. You can stress over what you can’t fix.

3. You can do more than you think. Try.

That’s it.

– Dominique

Reflection #2: God is Always Hiring by Regina Brett

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Today’s lesson from Regina Brett’s “God is Always Hiring” is EVERYTHING changes when you change!

Yes, everything changes when you do. The chapter outlines Ms. Brett’s experience with love and relationships and ends with this truth… “I didn’t need to find the right person. I needed to become the right person.”

We have experiences that lead us to change and to think differently. For the writer, it was the anger associated with failed relationships. It may be something else for you! Whatever it may be, you CAN change. You may not be able to change others but you can make the decision to change yourself. So, the affirmation for today is simply “Thank God for the people, places and things that led me to change!

9 Days. 9 Discoveries. You

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It’s day #9 of 2018 and a few things have become a part of my reality. I needed to share them with you.

1. Who knew that the coffee you make at home could taste as awesome as the coffee at the coffee shop? I honestly feel as though I’ve been depriving myself of a quality coffee experience. Y’all!

2. I love the NextDoor app. I never knew I cared so much about my neighbors. Some people are super messy! Today, I almost hydroplaned across the street and my first thought was “I better tell everybody to be careful!”

3. One of my mentees told me that I need to choose not to be petty when there’s a teachable moment. Later on, he told me to be petty. Yup… a teachable moment happened. I said, “Look Sydnee. Imma either be all petty or not!” I’m being petty-free because Jesus is coming back! (I’m serious.)

4. I have to stop talking about people in 2018. I was thinking that it would get easier with the new year because everyone would be a “new me” but after 37 of these bad boys, I should know better. Lord, help me to be an example of Galatians 6:1. Here’s the last photo I took before I became the new me.

Photo sent as a response to a wild text received.

5. So… it’s official. I will not be hurt by your Joel Olsteen references. In fact, I would love to ghost write. You have to know what you’re good at and what you’re not good at! I can’t holler! I like tellin’ the story! I like transparency. Jesus is gonna let me be comfortable in my skin!

6. 2017 revealed that I’m in an unhealthy relationship with football. I love it but I don’t. My teams kind of suck. I experienced no post-season enjoyment. I realized that I am a spoiled brat. I am a better football lover when my teams win. I argue, get petty, spend hours looking at stats and more when the birds are flying high… but when they aren’t…

7. I love quesadillas from Applebee’s. Carry on.

8. I love Seminary and I am not made for online classes. I need to be in class talking to other people. It’s amazing to me that people get their bachelors degree online. The human interaction makes such a difference for me. I would rather be drowsy in a classroom than drowsy and 3 feet away from my bed! I need boundaries.

9. The joy of the Lord is really, truly, honestly my strength. Period. Rest on him! Trust him! Be a Proverbs 16:3 believer!

Apologize. Please.

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I read a great article in the December issue of Entrepreneur and I said, “self, share the highlights with your network!” Here it is!

Are you surprised by the Forum Corporation’s findings that only 19% of all leader apologize regularly? Me either.

1. Studies show that leaders who apologize are perceived as stronger leaders.

2. When leaders apologize, they created a culture of credibility and accountability.

3. Apologizing provides you an opportunity to create a sense of security in the face of uncertainty.

4. Apologizing creates the platform to ask”why” in your effort to move forward.

5. Apologizing is the beginning of “moving on.”

For more information, search for Vanessa Van Edwards! She wrote the original article and is the founder of Science of People.

The Wall Street Journal Notes for December 14, 2017

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I try to read The Wall Street Journal daily! When time permits, I share highlights! Here’s happening today!

1. Target has decided to get in to the grocery delivery business! They’ve acquire a start up called “Shipt.” I ain’t having groceries delivered but anything Target does excites me!

2. T-Mobile is buying a start up company as well! They plan to use it to launch their own paid-tv service!

3. 4.6 million people are behind when it comes to paying student loans back. That list is getting ready to grow by at least 1. My thing is… I need the feds to know I would pay if someone paid me!

4. We should all be celebrating Nina Simone’s induction to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I am.

5. Toyota has declared that by 2030, the majority of their sales will be hybrid and electric vehicles. I’m not sure what that means for consumers. May mean that if your purchasing a Home, you need to make sure you can plug a car that you haven’t bought yet!

6. Apple is paying a Northern California company 390 million to produce the stuff that makes it possible to for the iPhone X to recognize your face. Look up Finisar! They are likely hiring!

7. The journal recommends Chromebooks: Acer Chromebook 15 and Samsung Chromebook Pro.

8. Google is attracting talent from China! Apparently, China does artificial intelligence well!

9. Want an executive career? A research done said that company loathe talkative candidates. Don’t over do it, ma’am and sir!

Holiday Break Goals?

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Sorry. This will be contrary to what the average person has planned, but have you considered vacation day goals? The holidays will bring lots of opportunities to do little AND to do a lot. You could make a reasonable list of things you wish to accomplish and reward yourself for the accomplishments!

For me, the holidays mean trekking to Seattle to enjoy my family! Generally, I’m the only one on vacation. Everyone who needs to work is working and so are the folks who enjoy their jobs. The “aha moment” came when I realized that one of the keys to personal success is to only take breaks that you’ve earned.

I’ve adopted a personal mantra…#NoDaysOff. It’s not that I do not intend to rest. It’s Just that I intend to create balance. It would be terrible to rest when you’ve not accomplished a goal. You can gradually reach goals by taking small steps!

Here’s a few things you can do that won’t adversely impact your #VacationMode:

  1. Listen to 3-5 podcast that highlight an area of interest for you. You can do this in the car on your way to the mall!
  2. Spend some time at a bookstore in the section that meets your interest! Check out the periodicals for articles and other inspiration!
  3. Build a Pinterest board that relates to a goal you have!
  4. Pick a time period like 1 month or 6 months and set reminders on your phone or calendar for goals, benchmarks and opportunities to reward yourself.
  5. Pick a closet to clean and/or organize! Set a goal to throw away one bag of things you do not need.
  6. Pick a recipe you have been interested in trying and share the dish with a close friend or associate. It’s a good way to reconnect.
  7. Go somewhere new. Cheat on Starbucks for a local company and share your thoughts with friends on your social media platforms.
  8. Schedule an hour of personal productivity.
  9. Make a list of the things you need that will be better to purchase after Christmas!
  10. Buy a plastic bin and stock up on holiday decor for next year once it goes on sale!

Have a Stress-free Holiday!

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This may turn out to be an obnoxiously long post so I want to save you some time. The holidays can be stressful. The traffic will be bad. The lines will be long. It will seem like you’re swimming in a pool of Christmas lights, garlands and wrapping paper. This list is going to help you out!

First and foremost, consider this very important question: How much of this going to matter on December 26 and January 2?

The truth is that we put so much into small moments without considering the long-term results. Invest your resources on things with value beyond this season!

A few other things:

How much time, money and energy would you save if you decided not to stress out about what to wear to your holiday gatherings. What if you spent 30 minutes going through your closet to identify possible items. You might find something you forgot you bought. This activity may be clutch, if after you have scoured the malls, you come up empty and have to rely on plan “B” anyway.

Don’t wait to get gas. Stay full. The little things can become big things if the timing is wrong. (I’m currently out of gas on the side of the road waiting for Roadside Assistance!)

Download a free shopping list app for your phone. Use tools to help you manage additional stresses of the holiday season!

Take a ziplock bag or plastic container and put all receipts in it whenever you come out of the store. If you need to return something, you won’t be stressed about finding the receipts at a later time!

Spend 10 minutes setting reminders in your phone! Let Siri or that other lady help you! I’ve got reminder set for things I need to do that I might forget because of vacation brain.

Hitting up a lot of potlucks? Identify one dish you will make for the whole season. Don’t stress out about over-cooking. Use Pinterest and other online resources to help.

Plan for traffic. Download an audio-book or buy new holiday music. Make a YouTube playlist! Make a call list of people you have been meaning to call and call them. (Be safe. Use your Bluetooth technology!)

Last but not least, be prayerful, considerate and empathetic. ‘Tis’ the season for a lot of instability. Those who pray and remain peaceful can help those who are struggling!

I’ll add more as I think of them! Here’s some advice from a few Facebook friends:

“Keep it low key. Maybe just with immediate family. And or a separate event with friends. Say no to those Christmas parties you don’t have and don’t want to attend. Do something different like everyone go to the movies together. Mix things up. Be blessed!” – P. Sylvester

“I love Christmas. I don’t try to buy gifts at Nordstrom with WalMart money. I don’t go to holiday events that I don’t want to.” R. Smith

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