9 Days. 9 Discoveries. You

It’s day #9 of 2018 and a few things have become a part of my reality. I needed to share them with you.

1. Who knew that the coffee you make at home could taste as awesome as the coffee at the coffee shop? I honestly feel as though I’ve been depriving myself of a quality coffee experience. Y’all!

2. I love the NextDoor app. I never knew I cared so much about my neighbors. Some people are super messy! Today, I almost hydroplaned across the street and my first thought was “I better tell everybody to be careful!”

3. One of my mentees told me that I need to choose not to be petty when there’s a teachable moment. Later on, he told me to be petty. Yup… a teachable moment happened. I said, “Look Sydnee. Imma either be all petty or not!” I’m being petty-free because Jesus is coming back! (I’m serious.)

4. I have to stop talking about people in 2018. I was thinking that it would get easier with the new year because everyone would be a “new me” but after 37 of these bad boys, I should know better. Lord, help me to be an example of Galatians 6:1. Here’s the last photo I took before I became the new me.

Photo sent as a response to a wild text received.

5. So… it’s official. I will not be hurt by your Joel Olsteen references. In fact, I would love to ghost write. You have to know what you’re good at and what you’re not good at! I can’t holler! I like tellin’ the story! I like transparency. Jesus is gonna let me be comfortable in my skin!

6. 2017 revealed that I’m in an unhealthy relationship with football. I love it but I don’t. My teams kind of suck. I experienced no post-season enjoyment. I realized that I am a spoiled brat. I am a better football lover when my teams win. I argue, get petty, spend hours looking at stats and more when the birds are flying high… but when they aren’t…

7. I love quesadillas from Applebee’s. Carry on.

8. I love Seminary and I am not made for online classes. I need to be in class talking to other people. It’s amazing to me that people get their bachelors degree online. The human interaction makes such a difference for me. I would rather be drowsy in a classroom than drowsy and 3 feet away from my bed! I need boundaries.

9. The joy of the Lord is really, truly, honestly my strength. Period. Rest on him! Trust him! Be a Proverbs 16:3 believer!

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