Today’s Wall Street Journal Notes

I try to read The Wall Street Journal everyday to share on my blog, Facebook page and LinkedIn. However, I fail! 🙏🏾 You’re in luck, today! God opened up some time! Check out these updates:

  1. Yup! Markets spike as a result of Biden wins. A new trajectory = Nee hope for the economy.
  2. Health care experts hate daylight savings time! They say it interrupts sleep, leading to heart trouble.
  3. Good news for those who enjoy the middle seats! Airlines are exploring making the middle seats larger.
  4. Wealthy millennials are buying smaller, more expensive homes to cut down on their commute.
  5. Great article about cauliflower being the “new kale.” Google nutritional values and live!
  6. Starbucks announces that its cleaning its cafes more in wake of the caronavirus. I asked Ryan, the local store manager in my neighborhood and he said that they were advised to wipe chairs, knobs and tables every hour.
  7. Campbell soup said that they are hoping to bank of consumer insecurity. Due to your fear of leaving the house, they hope you will stock up on soup.
  8. Hilton, Marriott and Wyndham are being sued by women who say that the hotel chains aid in the rise in sex trafficking.
  9. Western-themed neckwear makers are praising Lil Nas X for reviving interests amongst fashion community.
  10. Improve your insurance by downloading apps that help parents track their children who drive… or folks my age tracking a senior citizen.

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