Wall Street Journal Notes for March 11, 2020

  1. The Trump administration is looking at a tax filing extension as a part of an economic stimulus package. This would be available for most Americans and small business owners.
  2. Princess cruise ships cancels all trips for two months and will cut some of their current cruises short.
  3. Trump put a 30-day ban on travel to Europe. Airlines and Europeans are not happy. Neither is the stock market.
  4. UPS’ CEO will step down and former Home Depot Finance Carol Tomé will take his place. She’s 63 and retired from Home Depot last year.
  5. Amazon is working to protect consumers from bad mask and high-priced hand sanitizer. Some hand sanitizer was priced as high as $400. Folks don’t have punters? Make some!
  6. Be aware that airlines aren’t going to be quick to provide refunds. Many of the airlines are trying to stay above water with all of the cancellations by offering alternatives with limitations.
  7. There is a rise is the purchase of books about pandemics. People are that fascinated. I would what would have to happen to make folks want to read the Bible!?
  8. Got a fixer-upper you need to sell? Don’t sleep on millennials. They are becoming more interested in revitalizing older properties. We also learned that younger home buyers value a shorter commute rather than luxury.
  9. Experts are saying that now is the worst time for people to avoid the gym, due to its impact on our attitude and the power of endorphins generated through working out. Experts say “buy a jump rope and use an app to work out!”
  10. Shareholders are upset with Game Stop’s performance. Game Stop is making significant changes to its business model and updating its board to stay above water.
  11. Some cleaning supplies aren’t good for your phone. Google ways to keep your phone clean and products to avoid.
  12. Look out for rebranding efforts for the company, Tuperware.

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