New Podcast: Quarantine Catch-up with Amanda Langston Barnett

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It’s the QUARANTINE CATCH-UP with Amanda Langston Barnett! Amanda is my BFF from College! She knows some of my less-than-clean secrets! We became friends in 1999 during our freshman year at the University of Oregon. We have been rockin’ ever since! Amanda recently finished her master’s degree and mothers 5 beautiful children! In honor of Mother’s Day and friendship and quarantine… I catch up with her on life and stuff!

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  • #SayHERname Too
    Mothers and fathers of Black daughters aren’t better off than mothers and fathers of Black sons. Say the names of Black daughters who have lost their life at the hands of police. Breonna Taylor. Sandra Bland. Rekia Boyd. Tanisha Anderson. Charleena Chavon Lyles. Korryn Gaines. Alexia Christian. Mya Hall. Meagan Hockaday. Janisha Fonville. And on and on and on. I value the Black women who grieve for us. We grieve for you, too. Source: Look at this report from the African American Policy Forum.
  • Breonna, Amadi, George
    We always have to prove we were treated unjustly… even after we’ve been murdered. They find our best photos and have our moms on TV crying about how great of a child we were. Our perpetrators never have to prove anything. They lose their job, then get a new one. And a book deal. And the privilege of being “free” and “sought after” and “heard.” Then, they say “y’all killing each other anyway.” As though there is no White on White or Asian on Asian crime. Then, we have to come together to “do something” as though we…
  • Bye Amy Cooper! #FireAmyCooper
    Update: Amy Cooper and Christian Cooper Interview – LINK Update: Amy Cooper is released from her job: Amy Cooper was out for a walk at Central Park when a fellow citizen, Christian Cooper, encouraged her to properly leash her dog. Instead of chaining her dog, she violated social distancing mandates and approached the man. When he refused to stop recording her with his phone, she list it! She began threatening to call the police to note that she was being attacked by an African American man. Christian Cooper’s Sister, Melody, posted the video on Twitter, noting that her…
  • Dominique’s Quarantine Journal #9 – Risky Pandemic Travel Notes
    Yup… I got a rental car and drove to Menlo Park, one of my favorite places. I just needed to leave town. I stayed at a Sheraton in Palo Alto, where I rested well and enjoyed the scenery. Yes, I went equipped with Lysol, disinfectant spray and paper towels. I wore a mask and made smart decisions. Yet, it didn’t feel right. I woke up and headed home! I cancelled my visits with friends and decided it be best for me to be home! Here are some other observations: 1. The hotel pool was almost always occupied. 2….
  • Dominique’s Quarantine Journal #8
    I didn’t walk 10,000 steps yesterday. It was just the third day since I started the 10K steps challenge. Even though I’ve been walking 10,000 steps, I have only lost 3 pounds. At one point, i felt like I’ve been walking in vain. Then it occurred to me while listening to others…. I should focus on what I lost and celebrate what I didn’t gain. Don’t let your perception of failure overshadow successes.

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