New Podcast: Quarantine Catch-up with Amanda Langston Barnett

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It’s the QUARANTINE CATCH-UP with Amanda Langston Barnett! Amanda is my BFF from College! She knows some of my less-than-clean secrets! We became friends in 1999 during our freshman year at the University of Oregon. We have been rockin’ ever since! Amanda recently finished her master’s degree and mothers 5 beautiful children! In honor of Mother’s Day and friendship and quarantine… I catch up with her on life and stuff!

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  • Mastering Monday – Get Motivated Now!
    Get motivated to have a great week! Start with some motivation from me! I woke up inspired and wanted to share with you! Share with your friends and loved one! The podcast is available on Apple, Google Podcast and 9 other platforms!
  • I Started a Travel Blog!
    I didn’t realize how much I loved traveling until COVID-19 snatched it from me! With travel, theirs so much possibility and hope. It’s the thing that makes shopping a necessity. It makes long days at work worth enduring. It doesn’t even have to be boarding a plane. The freedom associated with getting in your car to drive without a destination seems like such a thing of the past. It’s really not, though. I came to the conclusion that I had been taking travel for granted. I was going to places and not really enjoying my time there. I…
  • The Truth about Jada, Will and August Alsina is…
    We’re going to keep saying our sister #BreonnaTaylor’s name until her badged murderers, John Mattingly, Brett Hankison, and Myles Cosgrove are all arrested and charged for the MURDER of an innocent Black woman. We’re going to keep discussing how the Kentucky Attorney General @danieljaycameron had a lovely weekend celebrating his new fiancé. I hope he knows that he has the power to take action against the officers who stole these types of moments from #breonnataylor and her boyfriend. We’re going to reflect on the promise that was stolen from her, her boyfriend and family. We’re going to keep…
  • 2 Brothers, 2 Podcast Episodes
    I have two amazing brothers! During the month of June, I got to sit down with both of them to discuss matters important to Black men in today’s society. Their perspectives are diverse, insightful and thoughtful. I really enjoyed being able to pick their brains and discuss the issues we face, amidst global crisis and social unrest. I hope that you will take the time to listen and share!
  • New Episode: Black Fatherhood Matters w/Demetrius Beaumonte
    I sit to discuss Black Fatherhood with my little brother, Demetrius Beaumonte. Demetrius is an acclaimed lyricist and THE best barber in the State of Washington! You can follow him on Instagram (@Spac3cuts or @Spac3tagram) Listen on Apple Podcast – Click Here! Listen on Spotify! – Click Here!

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