New Podcast: Quarantine Catch-up with Amanda Langston Barnett

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It’s the QUARANTINE CATCH-UP with Amanda Langston Barnett! Amanda is my BFF from College! She knows some of my less-than-clean secrets! We became friends in 1999 during our freshman year at the University of Oregon. We have been rockin’ ever since! Amanda recently finished her master’s degree and mothers 5 beautiful children! In honor of Mother’s Day and friendship and quarantine… I catch up with her on life and stuff!

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  • (no title)
  • Review: Sacramento’s Jazziest Hotel – Hyatt Centric Downtown
    The newest hotel in Downtown Sacramento reawakens the history of Sacramento’s deep jazz roots. The Marshall Hotel was once a part of a rich, integrated community of people, woven together by music and culture. In October of 2021, the Hyatt Centric Downtown Sacramento opened for guests on “K” street. The hotel features a retro music theme, highlighting jazz music greats like Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday. The hotel has 172 rooms for guests, rooftop lounge, onsite restaurant and lobby bar, fitness center, business center and room for event space. The hotel expects to fully open the venue’s restaurants…
  • Watch This: Stay Here: Brooklyn Brownstone
    I love any show about homes and design! I personally fail in these categories but thats why I honor the people who do well! Thats how I found the show, Stay Here on Netflix. On the episode called “Brooklyn Brownstone.” A Black man entrepreneur named Gordy, father of three, is featured. Best episode ever! In the episode, Gordy gets the assistance of the Stay Here hosts in an effort to make his large group style short-term rental more group friendly. The team helps him make his place unique and more marketable. In the closing scene, Gordy enjoys the…
  • Show Notes: You don’t know what you need…
    There are the show notes from Episode #86 of the Seasoned with Salt Podcast! You do not know what you need to get where you’re going Are you looking for success or notoriety? Are you wrestling with ways to become more ambitious in your life, profession, and ministry? In this episode, I discuss the dangers of being opportunistic and encourage listeners to trust God for their success. Release yourself from needing validation or being positioned. You’re going to get some things because of who you are NOT attached to. Let me say that in another way: You’re going to…
  • Develop a Personal Brand Standard on Social Media
    CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE PODCAST EPISODE Have you ever began a conversation with someone where they make a comment about something you posted on social media. This happens to me all the time and it used to make me really uncomfortable because 1) I was not as intentional about my posts and 2) I didn’t want to be viewed through the lens of one is Isolated experience or joke. Today, I’m going to talk about the importance of developing a personal brand identity that drives the way you project yourself in social media spaces. I got…

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