New Podcast: Quarantine Catch-up with Amanda Langston Barnett

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It’s the QUARANTINE CATCH-UP with Amanda Langston Barnett! Amanda is my BFF from College! She knows some of my less-than-clean secrets! We became friends in 1999 during our freshman year at the University of Oregon. We have been rockin’ ever since! Amanda recently finished her master’s degree and mothers 5 beautiful children! In honor of Mother’s Day and friendship and quarantine… I catch up with her on life and stuff!

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  • Packing for Hawaii – Packing Cubes?
    The week before I went to Hawaii, I was in Oregon for the University of Oregon Alumni Association Winter Board Meeting. At each of the board meetings, they share a gift with the members! How kind! This time, they provided us with these really neat packing cubes! Initially, I thought they were pouches for your electronic devices. Nope! This is a phenomenon that I just didn’t know about. I love using ziplock bags for packing so I wasn’t far off. But, what a great concept for brands! Here is a cool video that I found that highlights the…
  • I’m Becoming a Minimalist.
    I’ve gathered a lot of things over time. 10 days after my high school graduation, I got a greyhound bus with everything I owned and lived in my mom’s 500 square foot apartment for the summer. Well, kinda. She wasn’t allowed to have people stay with her so I lived their every other day. At the close of that summer, I enrolled at the University of Oregon and never looked back! I’m embarrassed to say this, but… I still have everything that I owned that summer in 1999. I have struggled with the inability to throw things away….
  • Wall Street Journal + Business News for Monday, June 6, 2022
    This feels like the first normal week after several filled with traveling. Next week, I’m gone again so I’m trying to revive my normal routines! Here are your Wall Street Journal and business notes for Monday, June 6, 2022. 1. Retailers are scratching their head about what to do with excess items that were in demand at the height of the pandemic but customers aren’t buying anymore! Ross, Kohls and Carter’s are stores who have increased inventory and negative sales increases. While Target, TJX, Footlocker, Walmart and Bath & Body Works seen in creases in sales but not…
  • These are your The Wall Street Journal and business notes for Thursday, May 19, 2022!
    These are your The Wall Street Journal and business notes for Thursday, May 19, 2022! Americans increased their retail spending in April. So, folks aren’t as concerned about inflation and gas prices as we think. If you’re a business owner, don’t make excuses for folks! Up your game! They will buy. Is Elon Musk back peddling on his $44 billion commitment to purchase Twitter? He said he ain’t buying a thing until Twitter tells him how many of their accounts are fake! Walmart sales increased but was impacted by the dost of getting products to the stores. Disney+…
  • Your Business and The Wall Street Journal news for Tuesday, May 17, 2022
    Your Business and The Wall Street Journal news for Tuesday, May 17, 2022. McDonald’s told Putin and Russia “bye.” After 30 years in Russia, they have had enough. McDonald’s said “y’all are wrong for what you’re doing in Ukraine!” JetBlue was trying to be nice and buy Spirit Airlines but Frontier Airlines said “nah, Playah! We were here first.” Jet Blue is getting “hostile” and going directly to Spirit shareholders! The FDA is going to allow foreign countries to send their baby formula over since we have a shortage. Hmmm…. The US surpassed 1 million COVID-19 deaths. Mostly…

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