Dominique’s Quarantine Journal #3

Sometimes I get discouraged. I been begging folks, gathering folks, and organizing stuff since I was a little boy. No matter how skilled you become at something, you can still be unsatisfied, under appreciated and unsuccessful. Public validation or compliments don’t fill the void when you are doing it for the right reason. I want stuff to be perfect and seemless and for everything and everyone to be aligned… and unfortunately it doesn’t always work out that way. People don’t always commit. Folks don’t always show gratitude. Things don’t always start on time. People say they are coming, then don’t. Your energy and effort won’t always be matched.

That said, the most remarkable thing about God is that he does not change! You can be unsettled and discouraged and he sends you peace and something to take your mind off of the things that bother you. He comforts you even when you have brought the discomfort on yourself. You can be in the middle of overthinking, stressing and worrying and God simply sends you a word of encouragement through his word or a stranger or a sign. The key is to not become so overwhelmed with the “it” to the point that you forget the “HE.” Sometimes I have to stop myself and just say, “God I need your help!” Then, I have to wait on Him. Sometimes it’s instant. Sometimes it’s unexpected. When he makes his presence known, everything changes.

Rest on this: He won’t let you do more for Him than he does for you. (Something my pastor says often) He will exceed your expectations. He goes above and beyond meeting you half way when you trust him!

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