Dominique’s Quarantine Journal #5

I’m scared for the religious community. The saints are a little too eager to reassemble. Before I go too deep into this rant, please note that I’m in deep and continuous prayer for churches, preachers and parishioners. I don’t want folks say “you need to just pray.” I am.

What concerns me is that, like myself, folks are eager to go back but haven’t considered all of the factors. I’m not worried about my own church. I’m worried about churches who think that regathering will salvage the church’s financial position. I am worried about churches who have leaders who make decisions based on personal interests rather than the health and safety of members. I am worried about churches that will gather because they haven’t been paying attention or because they can’t see God’s hand at work. I’m worried about churches that see the return to church as a way to battle secular governments. Quit that.

Here’s what we should do:

1. Pray: Get on your knees and call out the names or political figures, your pastor, essential workers and those in need of comfort. Ask God to send wisdom and guidance to those with the authority to make decisions.

2. We should PLAN: How can we undergird our leaders? What gifting can we provide to contribute to the plan to return? What can we clean? Who can we call? What can we sacrifice? What can we stop doing? How can we lift some of the pressure and burden off of our leaders? This means, we have to talk to the right people. We have to stop complaining and expecting everyone else to do what we can do to help?

3. Finally, we can PACE ourselves! What is so urgent? It’s better to ease in than to die. 😜

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