Dominique’s Quarantine Journal #9 – Risky Pandemic Travel Notes

Yup… I got a rental car and drove to Menlo Park, one of my favorite places. I just needed to leave town. I stayed at a Sheraton in Palo Alto, where I rested well and enjoyed the scenery. Yes, I went equipped with Lysol, disinfectant spray and paper towels. I wore a mask and made smart decisions. Yet, it didn’t feel right. I woke up and headed home! I cancelled my visits with friends and decided it be best for me to be home! Here are some other observations:

1. The hotel pool was almost always occupied.

2. There were very few public places to use the restroom. I don’t know if i would take a child on a road trip.

3. All Chic-Fil A drive-thrus were filled to the brim.

4. Not all counties are created equal.

5. Driving is relaxing.

6. Take your own cleaning supplies.

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