Bye Amy Cooper! #FireAmyCooper

Update: Amy Cooper and Christian Cooper Interview – LINK

Update: Amy Cooper is released from her job:

Amy Cooper was out for a walk at Central Park when a fellow citizen, Christian Cooper, encouraged her to properly leash her dog. Instead of chaining her dog, she violated social distancing mandates and approached the man. When he refused to stop recording her with his phone, she list it! She began threatening to call the police to note that she was being attacked by an African American man.

Christian Cooper’s Sister, Melody, posted the video on Twitter, noting that her brother was an acid bird watcher who happened to see Amy’s unleashed dog roaming. This is a clear violation of park rules and may have made Mr. Cooper feel unsafe.

I hope that Franklin Templeton fires Amy Cooper for threatening to lie about being attacked by a Black man in Central Park. Administrative leave is inadequate.

Amy needs to be fired. It’s not possible that this behavior doesn’t impact the way she LEADS at Franklin Templeton | Amy is not a person of integrity. #AmyCooperNeedsToBeFired

Here’s the video:

Amy leads the Insurance Investments Unit for the company and May have some relationship with the University of Chicago School of Business. If she teaches there, they need to let her go to!

Her employer released the following message:

Update: Amy Cooper adopted the dog from the Abandoned Angels Cocker Spaniel Rescue. They have posted the following information:

Central Park Rules:

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