Breonna, Amadi, George

We always have to prove we were treated unjustly… even after we’ve been murdered. They find our best photos and have our moms on TV crying about how great of a child we were. Our perpetrators never have to prove anything. They lose their job, then get a new one. And a book deal. And the privilege of being “free” and “sought after” and “heard.”

Then, they say “y’all killing each other anyway.” As though there is no White on White or Asian on Asian crime. Then, we have to come together to “do something” as though we are responsible for fixing someone else’s problem. We gotta fix racism to live. We have to fix sexism to work. We have to fix everything. It’s always our fault. Black man murdered because he didn’t have a Black father. Black man incarcerated because he didn’t want to get a job. And on and on and on.

The sight of a dying George Floyd. So hard to watch. Unfathomable. When have you seen. White man murdered in broad daylight. What did he do to die? Was he armed? Was he a threat to 4 police officers?

They killing Black women too. They killed 26-year-old Breona Taylor in her own house. They said they were doing a narcotics sting but found no narcotics. They entered into the woman’s house without any notice. Her boyfriend tried to protect her.

To be Black is to be the target for undisciplined, racist police officers. They never have to explain anything. It takes unrest and mass amounts of public attention to even get these systems to start looking into these crimes.

I don’t have a solution and I’m tired of being asked to have one. I gotta stay busy trying to stay alive.

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