Fox News’s Laura Ingraham has a message for Black Men…

Laura Ingraham doesn’t deserve my attention. But, I’m doing this for those who are allies and need to see the manifestation of hatred in this country. Sometimes it’s subtle and hard to pick up on. Other times it’s clear. Laura Ingraham of Fox News wants Black men to know that they do not have the right to free speech in her country if they are a Black athletes. She’s okay with White male athletes.

Drew Brees decides that he’d share his thoughts on kneeling during a time when there is civil unrest in our country over police killings of Black men and women. He was rambling on about the US flag and how much it has meant to he and his grandparents, etc.

Then LeBron James responded:

The Drew tried to apologize:

Then Laura got involved:

In Leui of tears, cards and flowers, please contribute to the movement today by asking Laura Ingraham why she (a journalist) gets to tell LeBron and KD that they need to “shut up and dribble” because they have opinion about a political issue.

Ask Laura (and yourself) what causes people like Laura to tell Black men they can’t talk about THEIR country but she can talk freely about basketball?

Then she had the nerve to say that “Drew Is allowed to have an opinion.” What authority does she have to permit and not permit free speech?

I hear some white supremist OVERtones.

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