Bye, Ex-Mayor James Stewart. You tried it!

Temecula Mayor James Stewart (allegedly) wrote in an email that he didn’t “believe there’s ever been a good person of color killed by a police officer.”

He said it was because he is dyslexic and uses speech-to-text software to write his emails. He said he didn’t say “good” and he was talking about his city. 💀

Stewart has since resigned and apologized.

Here’s the apology:


“I owe everyone an apology including our citizens of all backgrounds and ethnicities, City staff, and my respected colleagues on the City Council. You have every right to be hurt and offended. My typos and off-the-cuff response to an email on a serious topic added pain at a time where our community, and our country, is suffering. I may not be the best writer and I sometimes misspeak, but I am not racist. I deeply regret this mistake and I own it, entirely. I am truly sorry.”

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