What I learned at a Peaceful Protest about Healing.b

Sacramento flooded the Downtown area and Cesar Chavez Park with a loud and firm message that injustice is all of our problems. I was reassured by the diversity and many signs that people are able to see with their own eyes the injustice that Black men and women experience everyday. It was heart-warming AND thought-provoking. Now what? What are the next steps? Aside from peaceful protest, what have we learned?

A mile and a few hours later, I watched a young White male refer to a painting of George Floyd as a mother-$&@#er. The reality is that conflict helps folks to pick a side, rather than heals. Healing is our job. We cannot make the perpetrator responsible for our healing.

Healing doesn’t mean you’re not going to be hurt again. It may mean that your experience with hurt teaches you how to respond in the future.

I hate that Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arberry and George Floyd had to do for this to happen. I value that their untimely deaths have become paths to unit.

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