New Podcast Episode: SAY HER NAME LOUDER … Justice for Breonna Taylor #46

The announcement of a settlement between Breonna Taylor’s family and the City of Louisville was made yesterday. The family accepted the City’s judgment but still plans to get justice for Breonna Taylor by working to ensure that the officers responsible for her murder are brought to justice. This episode works to inform the listener about what is next and the importance of working to end violence against Black women and all Black people.

#52 “Protect Your Baby” Seasoned with Salt

God gives us all things he expects for us to protect. Your business, spouse and children represent God entrusting you to love and protect what he created. In this episode, I talk about what we can learn from Joseph, the man God selects to be Jesus’ earthly father.
  1. #52 “Protect Your Baby”
  2. #51 Reflections on the Election, the year and the season
  3. #50 What I've Learned So Far 50/40
  4. #49 Too Crowded for God
  5. #48 When God Lets You Be Selfish

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