New Podcast Episode: SAY HER NAME LOUDER … Justice for Breonna Taylor #46

The announcement of a settlement between Breonna Taylor’s family and the City of Louisville was made yesterday. The family accepted the City’s judgment but still plans to get justice for Breonna Taylor by working to ensure that the officers responsible for her murder are brought to justice. This episode works to inform the listener about what is next and the importance of working to end violence against Black women and all Black people.

#63 How to get ahead from behind: You Can Compete! Seasoned with Salt

Do you get anxious at the thought of having to compete? Has the fear of competition negatively influenced your professional life? Dating status? I want to share some principles for fighting the fear of competing. I want to give you 5 things you'll need to advance in your life, ministry, relationship, profession, and entrepreneurial journey. First, let me go over what this episode is NOT about. Not about competing for things that don’t belong to you. Not about the competition that is free of integrity Not about competition birthed through jealousy The principle I’m going to share is most beneficial for those: considering career advancement Working to develop/sustain/grow a business Considering intentional dating Considering/wrestling with starting a ministry or accepting a calling Secondly, I’ve got to deal with destructive hindrances to personal growth. Comparison False humility: deflating your experience, credentials, and accomplishments for the sake of others. Laziness David: From the outside looking in, David is under-qualified to fight Goliath He’s not a fighter He doesn’t have the appropriate equipment He doesn’t have the confidence of his family or friends There are 5 things that David had that will help us to walk boldly into our promise: David was Confident. David believed in his transferable skills. Davide had a plan and protected it. David didn't lose sight of his Goal. Davis was available. 
  1. #63 How to get ahead from behind: You Can Compete!
  2. #62 – A Love Letter to Black Entrepreneurs & Business Owners
  3. #61 – I Am God's Plan Unfolding
  4. Ambition – Episode #60
  5. Episode #59: 10 Rules of Dating by Dr. R. A. Vernon

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