Show Notes: You don’t know what you need…

There are the show notes from Episode #86 of the Seasoned with Salt Podcast!

My Cup Runneth Over #135 Seasoned with Salt

What did David mean in Psalm 23:5 when he said "my cup runneth over?" Over the last few weeks, I’ve endeavored to enjoy a cup of coffee at home. While I’ve had one or two slip-ups, I’ve been relatively successful. In an effort to encourage me, I’ve purchased a variety of flavored non-dairy creamers and themed mugs. I forgot what was on the cup when it took it out of the cabinet, rinsed it, and placed it on the Keurig plate. My goal was to make half of a cup because it was pretty late at night. After the coffee brewed, I noted the sheer irony…. A half-empty cup of coffee in a cup with the words, “my cup runneth over.” Naturally, my mind wandered and I started asking questions? What did David mean in Psalm 23:5? — Support this podcast:
  1. My Cup Runneth Over #135
  2. Make This Place Make Sense: The Story of Bethel #134
  3. Everything Will Be, Okay? – An Insecure Recap
  4. The Psychological Tactics that Lead to Spiritual Bondage
  5. Divine Things in Wild Places

You do not know what you need to get where you’re going

Are you looking for success or notoriety? Are you wrestling with ways to become more ambitious in your life, profession, and ministry? In this episode, I discuss the dangers of being opportunistic and encourage listeners to trust God for their success.

Release yourself from needing validation or being positioned. You’re going to get some things because of who you are NOT attached to.

Let me say that in another way: You’re going to get some things because of who you serve, not who you follow. When I ask God to lead me, I’m surrendering my own plan to his plan.


  • Managed by their emotion
  • Responsive a false sense of success
  • Mistake ambition to be competition 
  • In competition with people who aren’t in competition with them
  • Pursue the wrong capital
  • See the criticism of others as hating.
  • See people as disposable 
  • Run through friends and confident a because they’re untrustworthy 

SO WE NEED TO DETACH OURSELVES FROM WESTERN FRAMEWORKS, Eurocentric frameworks that teach us to rely on systems and power structures for advancement.

The believer’s strategy for success.

Proverbs 16:3 Commit your works to the LORD, And your plans will be established.

Let God be the binding factor in your construction.

Proverbs 3:6 In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths.

Don’t take God’s credit.

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