4 Ways to Get in the Christmas Mood!

Christmas 2020

The reality is, Christmas almost forced itself on us. Before we bite into the turkey or have our first pumpkin spice latte, there’s a tree up at every store at the mall! If you’re like me, everyone and everything is ready for Christmas before I am!

So this year, I’ve decided to get ahead of the game. In mid November, I took a day off and got my Christmas cards out of the way. When they arrived on Friday, December 3, 2021… I had this unfamiliar feeling…. IM GOING TO GET MY CARDS OUT THIS YEAR! When has that every happened?! In fact, I thought I was alone until I asked my Facebook peeps! They had the same testimony. Getting cards out is harder than it looks!

Anyway, I wanted to share some ideas for getting in the mood and making the most of the season! Here we go:

1. Start a new tradition! It can be with yourself or with others! Record the new tradition your phone or add it to your calendar for next year so you remember! Last year, I cut down a tree in Apple Hill. I didn’t this year but decided to decorate my front door! (I’ll share the final look, maybe!)

2. Create a personal holiday theme! Don’t laugh…. But mine is “MistleBeau.” I know that’s corny. But, mistletoes create opportunities for loving and taking risks! I want to be that for other people! Get you a theme, too!

3. Make a Christmas playlist on Apple Music or Spotify! You can create the perfect list of songs and avoid the annoying ones! I love Luther Vandross’ Christmas album. It’s the thing that reminds me the most about Christmas, aside from Seattle! Anyway, share your playlist with your family! It’s a good way to spread the holiday cheer!

4. Take a walking tour of the most festive neighborhoods in your city! Nothing gets me going more than to see other folks are getting the ball rolling. I love walking and sightseeing so walking around neighborhoods during the Christmas season is a great feeling! Get a Dutch Bros and go!

Check out my podcast episode for more tips and ideas! Go to seasonedwithsaltpodcast.com

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