Wall Street Journal Notes Relaunched

I’m rebooting my (almost) daily The Wall Street Journal notes! I love a real newspaper with my coffee! Here are a few updates from today’s issue:

  1. US spending rose by 2% in January but could slide based on Russia/Ukraine conflict’s impact on gas prices.
  2. According to a consumer research fund, 82% of all car buyers paid over the sticker price as a result of high demand and low supplies. Some dealers are charging up to $40k over MSRP. Be wise.
  3. Wayfair is dealing with a sharp decrease in sales now that people can go into the stores “post-pandemic.” See if you can catch a deal!
  4. Footlocker said they expect a decline in sales and they blame Nike, partially. Limited access to popular shows means less traction in stores.
  5. Donald Trump has a new social networking platform called “Truth Social.” You on it?

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