Your Spring Re-Set!

If you are like me, you start the year with a refreshed perspective on what’s possible. The change of the calendar year offers the possibility of something new and exciting. There is something amazing about a fresh start. Then, the realities of life set in. Before you know it, it’s February and things have gone back to what they were the year before. It doesn’t take long before you hear yourself saying, “I can’t wait until this year is over!”

With Spring blooming, we have the opportunity to re-center ourselves in our goals, reevaluate our expectations, and prayerfully consider the direction we will take in our lives, relationships, careers, and overall wellbeing!

  1. Plan REALIGNMENT TIME: If you aren’t intentional about getting control of your year, month, or day, nothing will happen! You need to carve out time to “figure it all out.” I call these “personal retreats.” I get some construction paper and check into a hotel and make it my space to figure out what’s next. God downloads new ideas. I figure out things that I need to do differently. I identify things I need to quit and things I need to start. God honors my respect for the time that he gives me and rewards me with fresh ideas and perspective!
  2. Pray for Direction: Technically, this should be first, but it should be something that happens on a continuum. Prayer for direction can be as simple as, “Lord, show me what to do next.” Praying for direction may require a pause and discontinue trying to be the answer to our problem. It may mean that you do nothing until you hear from God. He may deposit thoughts and ideas that lead to answers and insights. Praying for direction is putting your faith in God’s timing and provision.
  3. Revisit Your timelines: Sometimes, our primary issue is the unrealistic approach we take to assigning timelines. Sometimes, we develop timelines based on the ways we see other people progress. That can be extremely unhealthy. Creating unrealistic timelines can be counterproductive to our trust in God’s plan for our lives.

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