Wall Street Journal Notes – Monday, April 4, 2022

It’s Monday! The The Wall Street Journal cost $5 now so….. I don’t buy them anymore…. But I like to read them on Monday so today, the Lord blessed me with a $2.00 copy from Raley’s! Anyway…

  1. The average CEO got an 11% pay increase in the last 18 months. Pay for rank and file employees rose too.
  2. More people ordered a Tesla than expected but also experienced delays in shopping. Some folks are still waiting. However, I’m waiting on my Tesla because I haven’t ordered on yet. Their are 295,324 Model 3 sedans and Model Y SUVs runnin the streets! Mostly made in Shanghai.
  3. All of a sudden, the cost of eggs is HIGH! Bird flu. Huge outbreak in the US. Guard ya kids. We skipping the Easter egg hunt.
  4. Tourist are going to Mexico looking for drugs and creating increased drug-related violence. Homicode rates doubled for Mexico. Yikes.
  5. Companies are relaxing vaccination requirements creating nightmare for HR folks who don’t know what to d with aspects of the pandemic policy since the pandemic ain’t over. 🙏🏾
  6. Thinking about flying Alaska Airlines? They have cancelled more than 300 flights due to shortage of staff and possible contract talks. If you have a choice, consider other airlines until they get it together.
  7. Howard Schultz is gonna be the CEO of Starbucks for the 3rd time. The last guy, Kevin Johnson is “retiring.” Howard, we need newspapers back at the shops! He’s holding townhalls to address employee concerns. Bless his heart!

Okay! Bye! #wallstreet #wallstreetjournal #Moneynews #BusinessNews

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