Business and The Wall Street Journal Journal Notes for Thursday, May 12, 2022!

Business and The Wall Street Journal Journal Notes for Thursday, May 12, 2022!

  1. While folks may be tired of Netflix, they are subscribing to Disney+. Disney+ experienced a huge increase in subscriptions in the last quarter. 7.9 million to be exact.
  2. Remember the Condo in Florida that collapsed in 2021. Family of the victims got a $997 million dollar wrongful death settlement.
  3. For the first time EVER in a calendar year, more than 100,000 people died of drug overdose in 2021. Why do you think that is? What can our parents, churches and businesses do to curb this number!?
  4. In April of 2022, you paid less for gas but more for air cars, travel and groceries than you did previous months. Airfare increased by 18.6%.
  5. California Democratic Senate Leader Toni G. Atkins has proposed that California provide 10 Billion to help us purchase homes in California. The bill would aim to help 8,000 families per year. The average cost of a home in CA I 786K.
  6. Last quarter, 21% of AirBnBs customers stayed more than 28 days. They are restructuring to meet these demands in a world where folks can live here and work there! Is it time to rent your house?!
  7. TOYOTA said they expecting a 21% decline in revenue due to the cost of raw material. If you’re in the market for a Toyota, watch the sticker prices!
  8. So… an activist investor is not someone who is an activist with money! They are either a person or institution that purchases a large amount of a company’s stock in order to gain influence over the corporate decision-making. @Khols has one and they want the current board and essentially, a whole new model. Kohl’s is a mit…….. murky! Needs a new do. Well, the current shareholders said “nah.”
  9. Southwest Airlines wants to increase business travelers! So, they are speeding up the wifi, making room for overhead bin space and creating opportunities for you to plug your stuff in. They are investing 2 billion in upgrades.
  10. Casinos said they made 5.31 billion in revenue in MARCH ALONE!!!! Most ever! Folks are eager to gamble again! Got something to advertise? Consider a casino!! (Buy me a coffee for this tip!)
  11. Stock up on corn! Don’t say you didn’t know! Midwest weather = huge delays. Only 22% of US corn crop has been planted….
  12. People to know: look up “Maverick Carter, President and CEO of SpringHill Co.”

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