These are your The Wall Street Journal and business notes for Thursday, May 19, 2022!

These are your The Wall Street Journal and business notes for Thursday, May 19, 2022!

  1. Americans increased their retail spending in April. So, folks aren’t as concerned about inflation and gas prices as we think. If you’re a business owner, don’t make excuses for folks! Up your game! They will buy.
  2. Is Elon Musk back peddling on his $44 billion commitment to purchase Twitter? He said he ain’t buying a thing until Twitter tells him how many of their accounts are fake!
  3. Walmart sales increased but was impacted by the dost of getting products to the stores.
  4. Disney+ committed to only having 4 minutes of commercials per hour on its ad-supported platform.
  5. Gerber committed to flying more baby formula into the US through its Nestlé brand. This May be related to the fact that the FDA said they would entertain baby formula brands from previously restricted companies.
  6. In relation to #1, Americans stopped buying gas, groceries, and building/construction materials in April. The increase in spending came from motor vehicles, online shopping and restaurants/bars primarily. Department stores, electronic store and furniture stores seen 1% increase on average.
  7. The US Justice department is suing Hotel a mogul Steve Wynn because they want him to register as a lobbyist after he was diligently working to get favors in China.
  8. Surging: gun manufacturing and the number of ghost guns recovered by the police. In 2020, the police recovered about 10,000. In 2021,………. 19,000!!!!
  9. Hotel maids and unions that represent them say that GUESTS need to support maids fight to stop housekeeping cutbacks. I got y’all! How ar the prices higher but I can’t get a fresh set of bedding!? No!
  10. The Home Depot is optimistic that folks will come back to spend at their chain. They reported that the average person spent 11% more per purchase.
  11. Netflix laid off 150 people. They lost 200,000 subscribers in their first quarter.
  12. Apple planned to move to a 3-days-in-the-office plan as opposed to 2 but the empowered livid and covid numbers increased. They changed their mind for the time being.
  13. The US Men’s and Women’s Soccer Teams have come to an agreement to ensure equal pay for male and female Players. The agreement also ensures equal Distribution of the the World Cup prize money.
  14. Covid-19 outbreaks are wild In Hawaii, Illinois, Nee York, Maine, Rhode Island, Nee Jersey, Delaware and DC. States edging in the wrong direction slowly: Oregon, Washington, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan PA, VA, NC, FL, Conn, and Maryland. (Based on 7 day average)
  15. Googled leaving Russia, too. They even moved their workers out of the country.
  16. Target said they would not raise their prices but absorb costs to maintain consumer positivity. Their stocks sunk as a result.
  17. After just a year, the Under Armour president and CEO stepped down. Sales down too.
  18. Wendy’s and McDonald’s are being sued for falsely advertising larger burgers that what they carry.

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