Move ON.

There are so many “help” lists to choose from. There is no shortage of help, I know. Nevertheless, you deserve to be inspired. Inspiration is here! Life will throw al kinds of curve balls but you can rely of God’s help to survive. One gift God gives us is the will and insight it takes to MOVE ON. In my attempt to move on, I ran into these truths.

1. You can abuse freedom. When you get freedom, be intentional about how you use it! Protect it from people who do not respect your time and gifting. Move forward with intentionality.

2. Throw your own party if you have something to celebrate! You don’t even have to invite anyone! The more intimate, the better! It’s easy to confuse the crown with the folks who love you. BUT, it’s not impossible. Move forward with JOY!

3. I am changing so that the people who won’t/can’t will not have control over my experiences/environment. I’m moving forward with plans to improve!


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