Have a Stress-free Holiday!

This may turn out to be an obnoxiously long post so I want to save you some time. The holidays can be stressful. The traffic will be bad. The lines will be long. It will seem like you’re swimming in a pool of Christmas lights, garlands and wrapping paper. This list is going to help you out!

First and foremost, consider this very important question: How much of this going to matter on December 26 and January 2?

The truth is that we put so much into small moments without considering the long-term results. Invest your resources on things with value beyond this season!

A few other things:

How much time, money and energy would you save if you decided not to stress out about what to wear to your holiday gatherings. What if you spent 30 minutes going through your closet to identify possible items. You might find something you forgot you bought. This activity may be clutch, if after you have scoured the malls, you come up empty and have to rely on plan “B” anyway.

Don’t wait to get gas. Stay full. The little things can become big things if the timing is wrong. (I’m currently out of gas on the side of the road waiting for Roadside Assistance!)

Download a free shopping list app for your phone. Use tools to help you manage additional stresses of the holiday season!

Take a ziplock bag or plastic container and put all receipts in it whenever you come out of the store. If you need to return something, you won’t be stressed about finding the receipts at a later time!

Spend 10 minutes setting reminders in your phone! Let Siri or that other lady help you! I’ve got reminder set for things I need to do that I might forget because of vacation brain.

Hitting up a lot of potlucks? Identify one dish you will make for the whole season. Don’t stress out about over-cooking. Use Pinterest and other online resources to help.

Plan for traffic. Download an audio-book or buy new holiday music. Make a YouTube playlist! Make a call list of people you have been meaning to call and call them. (Be safe. Use your Bluetooth technology!)

Last but not least, be prayerful, considerate and empathetic. ‘Tis’ the season for a lot of instability. Those who pray and remain peaceful can help those who are struggling!

I’ll add more as I think of them! Here’s some advice from a few Facebook friends:

“Keep it low key. Maybe just with immediate family. And or a separate event with friends. Say no to those Christmas parties you don’t have and don’t want to attend. Do something different like everyone go to the movies together. Mix things up. Be blessed!” – P. Sylvester

“I love Christmas. I don’t try to buy gifts at Nordstrom with WalMart money. I don’t go to holiday events that I don’t want to.” R. Smith

Share this with a friend you think would benefit from it!

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