3 Little Lessons

In this season of my life, God has demonstrated to me that I can be comfortable being uncomfortable. One of the things that stands in the way of our dreams is a fear of failure. I was so afraid of the unknown that I was willing to subject myself to treatment I didn’t deserve. When I gained the courage to trust God, it had nothing to do with a back-up plan but everything to do with God’s plan. I wish I could say that after I took that leap of faith, God rilled put a 10 year plan. He didn’t. There were days when I was fully motivated and other days when I worked to keep busy so I wouldn’t think about the inevitable. Or, what I thought was the inevitable.

The turning point for me was reminding myself of the lessons God had already taught me through experience.

1. God is in control. Period.

2. You can stress over what you can’t fix.

3. You can do more than you think. Try.

That’s it.

– Dominique

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