Insecure Season 3, Episode 3 Review

It was weird. Something didn’t click. My cousin said it was because the writer may have been a white male. I’m not sure. Episode 3 of season 3 made me realize that it wasn’t an hour long. Generally, I am wondering “how did they fit so much into so little time?

Not all was negative. The following thoughts surfaced for me.

1. Is Daniel bad for Issa or is Issa bad for Daniel? Her friends gave the impression that Daniel was bad for Issa but history proves the opposite. Issa has always been emotionally unavailable to Daniel. He’s the “good guy” who is always available in her “in between” stage.

2. Molly is also awkward in a not-so-awkward way. The experience at her new phone should only be discussed in the company of other like-minded people. Therefore, I will only note that we can learn a bit from her storyline about what falsifies we have about fitting in and working with “your own” folks.

3. Being a group chat outcast is a thing. I had to pause and share that I identify with being in the big group chat but not the small one. Tiffany and I have similar challenges. Not as fun and free…. too serious… too traditional… and too good to exposed to what folks think you think you’re too good for!

4. Kelli is my people! She keeps it 100. I would love to see people!

5. The plot surrounding Issa’s work life can be boring. Some episodes, it’s reminiscent of our experiences but other days, it’s very “mmmmkay.”

6. Where. Is. Lawrence?

7. I like a fuller reorientation of Molly’s life in each episode. These episodes need to be longer.

Overall… I wanted more.

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