The Wall Street Journal notes for Wednesday, August 29, 2018!

Bless God! It The Wall Street Journal notes for Wednesday, August 29, 2018!

1. Although home sales are down for the summer months, the cost of homes has remained stable and affordable. It’s a buyers marker with an over saturated market… especially with new Home developments.

2. Barnes & Nobles has some legal challenges. Their former CEO is suing them, claiming they created a lie about him to have him removed. This would make a good book!

3. Best Buy is doing better but plans to invest in operations, dimming the prospect of future revenue growth…. but you have to invest in your infrastructure, you know.

4. Tiffany reports that y’all still love her jewelry. Affluent buyers ain’t playing. Pay attention to where and how often you see advertising for luxury brands…. that’ll let you know if you are “somebody” or not! Haha!

5. Trump wants to wage a war against Google, now. He threatening to have them handled if they don’t stop elevating the news of his presidency over regular news. A coward hates a maverick spirit.

6. Do you care that companies like Yahoo scan your emails so they can accumulate data to sell to companies? Send an email to yourself about a product and see how long it takes for an add for the same item to show up in your Facebook timeline. Yahoo will charge you $3.49 a month to stay out of your inbox.

7. Mexico is deep in the auto making game. Cars like the Ford Fiesta, TOYOTA Yaris, Jeep Compass, Ford Fusion, VW Bug and Honda Fit are built in Mexico.

8. Guess what’s a thing now… hiring sleep coaches for babies! She Shellenbarger wrote a great article you should check out if this fascinates you.

9. Looking for something to invest in? Enhanced beverages might be the move. Kombucha, alkaline water and oxygenated water are becoming increasingly popular. Kombucha has seen a 38.2% increase in sales in comparison to last year. Alkaline water, 43.9%.

10. Buy tires in and Sears will take it from there! Back in May, Amazon started shipping the tires you buy on Amazon to one of 47 Sears.. this has been MAGIC for the struggling retailer.

11. BuzzFeed will launch a site that reviews and recommends products to customers. I’m with that.

12. New hotel markets…. college towns! Makes sense… helicopter moms need a place to stay. If you got bae but your roommate is weird…. boom.

13. DSW … investment choices. Numbers looking good.

14. Men’s Warehouse’s parent company CEO is retiring. I live for CEO searches. I like to see the Changes in the stores when there is new leadership.

15. Retailers ought not be too excited about sales boom. Amazon is still that dude… that’s the advisement they are getting. In other words… don’t let the quarterly success fool you, you got work to yet do! That’s a good thing for consumers. Business competing for our business and loyalty.

Have a blessed day and remember that JESUS IS LORD!

D. Beaumonte

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