Review: Insecure Season 3, Episode 4

The plot thickens. The things that makes Insecure a great show are the many opportunities for us to make connections between our own lives and the lives of the characters. We get to see the highs and lows of middle class living and the ways friends survive the world together.

In episode 4, a few things happened that I liked.

  1. Issa meets a regular dude, organically. Well, organically is a choice word. She met him a few episodes ago while driving Lyft. I am not sure if I like him. I wanted to know more before the kissing and skinny dipping. The skinny dipping was awkward. I was waiting for the police. I was unable to focus on the actual discussion. However, taking risks is good for Issa.
  2. Issa quit her job before she had another one. I am for this. I think we should do this more. She has streams of income via her apartment manager job and Lyft driving… and we just need to reflect on the power of multiple streams of income. When you have multiple streams, you are not imprisoned by poor work environments.
  3. What’s the deal with Daniel? Why the shade from Molly? What had Daniel done to be deemed as the “fudge” boy? Isn’t his primary indictment that he wants Issa? I know there was that one time when Issa’s face was in the way of a situation, but she kinda brought that on herself?
  4. So Molly at work… She had on this blue dress with a zipper up the back…. Lemme find it and do high school boy.. and print it… and tape it on my wall. So much swag and juice. Thanks Molly. You. Be. Bringin’. it.
  5. Thanks for the Leimert Park tour. I’ve been there and it is as awesome as described.

All in all, when the dust settles, the episode was worth watching. I watched it twice. I missed Kelly. I love when the girls get together. Please writers… one Kelly appearance per episode. Please. Thank you.

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