Insecure: Season 3, Episode 5 — A review of sorts

The girls head to Coachella for episode #4 of Season three of Insecure! Before they go, Issa and Molly are both inundated with work. Very different kinds of work. Molly is rushing to complete a work project while Issa is doing Lyft runs and tucking her tenants away for the weekend!

The girls have a way of finding the best AirBnB spots. Their fortune makes me feel “insecure.” Is it my money or my effort? Either way, I decided that Kelly is in charge of finding it and she sends it to the groupme. I have a lot of respect for her, hence my eagerness to pin every good idea on her.


The trip Is overshadowed by Molly, the pill. When the pill isn’t the center of attention, it’s Nathan, Issa’s new guy. After learning that he didn’t call her after they skinny-dipped and took a tour of LA, I was less interested in his character. Issa let Molly (the pill) influence her into quick forgiveness and their burgeoning romance would be the primary storyline for the episode.

The episode loses steam when all of a sudden, everyone else’s poor decisions become Issa’s fault. She is taking the blame for the way the night ended as though it was all her fault, but primarily out of her guilt. She had a fantastic night. She and Nathan made “mush mush” on a dead Farris will.

The episode ends with Issa running into Lawrence at a 7/11 in Coachella county… of course this after a very awkward car ride with Tiffany. I am over pregnant Tiffany. She is only fun when she is vulnerable.

I forgot to finish this last week so I’m posting it.

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